Guthrie's Ghost (Marching Day)

by MedicineBow



I wrote this song almost 10 years ago... I have been feeling a new sense of urgency to sing it. On 1/21/17 I had to sit down and play it. I decided to record a quick version of it (while setting my equipment up for the first time in a long while). Felt like a good one to share for today, and hopefully raise a buck or two for the ACLU.

The time has come (back around) for us to sing our hearts out, and listen to each other. Really listen... to the pain, the hurt, the grief... and then do the healing work that needs to be done. Politics will not bring us through this... community will. Woody was able to ride (and listen to) the undercurrent of our country, and then blast it out for all to hear. We need that more than ever! Here is my small contribution.


Guthrie's Ghost
Micah Hammac
This one goes out... to all the ramblin ones, travelers weary and worn. Sharpen your words like the swords of the government, this war needs to be won. Take your stories to the streets and people now, but listen as much as you share. Rich man in charge, keeps gettin larger... and I don’t think that he cares.

Old mr. Guthrie, where is your ghost now... won’t you show us the way?For all those who don’t know, there is a song in their heart... wash over this land like a wave.

Time to put roots down... dig in the dirt now, find out what that might mean. We all carry grief around no one is with out, its time for us all to come clean. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, that don’t mean we ain’t the same. My path goes this way, your walk goes that way... both of us carrying pain.


We’ll plant a garden... of songs we can eat from, we’ll tend to each one with care. I’ll grow from yours, and you’ll grow from mine... in this labor of love to be shared. We'll eat from our garden, and sing from our hearts... when that rich man gets lonely and a little bit hungry... we'll share cause there is more than enough.


released February 3, 2017
Written by: Micah Hammac
Recorded/mixed/mastered by: Micah Hammac
Cover Drawing: Nelda Kerr (@aintafraidnomore)



all rights reserved


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