Spare Parts: Songs Packed and Unpacked 2006​-​2012

by MedicineBow



There was 10 years between the time that I ordered a 4-track tape recorder off of eBay and the time that I recorded my first full length album Bag of Simple. A lot changed in those ten years with home recording, and there was a lot of trial and error (mostly the error). However, I did end up with a handful of recordings that I thought were worth sharing... each one showing a little bit of that path resting behind me. So here are the "Spare Parts"... including everything from songs I worked really hard to polish off (at the time), to songs spontaneously recorded on my iPad. I did my own mixing/mastering, and let the songs stand on their own as a marker in time.


released October 3, 2013

Written/Performed/Mixed/Mastered: by Micah Hammac
Recorded: TreeBed Music (Various) Studios - Various Locations 2006-12



all rights reserved


TreeBed Music Vallejo, California

TreeBed Music is the musical arm of TreeBed Design... it is the label of musical collaborations and unique projects.

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Track Name: Beating Soul
Beating Soul

Another week, blown away... another dollar, another day.
When am I gonna say... when am I going to exclaim...
That I have had enough.
Track Name: Change
Micah Hammac
1/2/08 (night before Iowa Caucus)

I met a man, who needed me... to stand up and believe in him.
To lead a nation, who thinks its free... when it don't understand whats being done to it.
I seen those kids playing in the street... and theres no one looking after them.
And the corporate man, feeding me this meal so sweet... that my body don't really need.

<i>How will we ever know... when we've crossed the line.
Where will we find the strength to show... we can make things right... we gotta try.</i>

I met a girl, with hope in her heart... and a fire burnin bright that believes in change.
And I seen that girl work so damn hard... with tears in her eyes that it might be in vein.
But that girl doesn't know, that she changed my world... with a smile and a good conversation.
We'll all change the world, when we see we're the same... and we start loving the next generations.


I met a guitar, that sits in its case... and has no one to sing to it.
And I know a heart, that earned its song... by opening for someone to break it.
If we all gathered round, I think we'd find out... we really ain't all that different.
But we won't find out nothin, if we're all locked away... only listening to our own televisions.


I know some soil, thats looking like oil... cause we've forgotten what really feeds us.
So dig here with me, and we'll plant some seeds... and we'll see if we can't start a growin.
Cause the dirt can be healed, and the pain that we feel... but we know it ain't going to be easy.
Roll up your sleeves, and we'll compost old dreams... watch strength grow up out of sorrow...

<i>How will we ever know... when we've crossed the line.
Where will we find the strength to show... we can make things right... we gotta try.</i>
Track Name: Lullaby
A lullaby I never sang... though you ask so many times
so I will send out my best notes... I do no know what they will find
I send them on the night... to touch your lips from mine.
I kiss you soft... oh so soft... as I have done so many times.

The rain is hard, so are these times... no one knows when it will end
Darkened clouds breathin cold... but i know the sun will shine again
I hope your dry, living life... happy with the place your in
And though you're far... oh so far... your smile still warms my heart, dear friend.