Grow: the seeds are in the soil

by Iron John



This EP was a collaboration that captures a very specific point in both Chad and Micah's paths. Living in Vallejo, CA at the time (2005)... the two artist/musicians gathered some recording equipment and set out to weave together an album of each of their original songs. These five songs were released at the time on a handful of homemade CDs, and the plan was to go back to add enough songs for a full album. However, life shifted... changes in geographic location, and commitments to other projects put the Grow album on the shelf.

Around 2007 Chad and Micah returned to their musical collaborations while opening a coffee house (Shaky Tree Coffee) in rural Iowa... it was at this time Iron John was talked about as a name for their musical projects.

In 2013 Micah dusted off the old tracks, and with the engineering help of Alec Ness polished up the collection of songs into the current EP... Grow: the seeds are in the soil... and Iron John now has a voice.

Please check out all the wonderful music Chad Elliott has been making since recording these songs at & stay tuned for Micah's first solo release (coming soon).


released June 5, 2013

Songs Written and Performed: Chad Elliott & Micah Hammac
Mixed: Micah Hammac
Mastered: Alec Ness
Recorded: TreeBed Music (Living Room) Studios - Vallejo, CA 2005



all rights reserved


TreeBed Music Vallejo, California

TreeBed Music is the musical arm of TreeBed Design... it is the label of musical collaborations and unique projects.

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Track Name: Nothing More
This not an answer to my anger
It’s no apology for the actions I take
It’s just a plain spoken word
From me to you it’s nothing more

The house that I once had lived in
The house in the country with the dog in the yard
I drove by as slow as the car would go
But I couldn’t see in the window

So I won’t pretend to be over you
But still I will say I feel better today
It’s just ritual of good coffee and reading it’s nothing more

I land my feet in the sweet grass
Of the new fields of fall
And I run, run, run down to the river
To wash away all of my wrongs
But I have to say today
All of the pain and anger is gone

So now I have a clearer picture
Into my past and all that went on
And with this new ground beneath my feet
I have to move on

And the price that is paid by all who’s involved is paid with regret and the drive to move on, there’s no
reason we all can’t find happiness,
Because it’s right here for us all


Written by: Chad Elliott 2002
Recorded: 2005
Track Name: Grow
I think of you, I have no words… you made me grow.
Cannot say how, not sure why… so much of my life you have filled.
Only a fraction… only a pill
I love you always… I love you still.
You made me grow…

Some times of ours hurt my mind… some of those times were unkind.
Those scars will heal… let them mend.
You make those scars heal for a friend.

I think of you I have no words… you made me grow.
Cannot say how not sure why… so much of my life was shown a lie.
You got me where I need to be.
I finally realize… I now see.
That you made me grow.

And I thank you friend…

By: Micah Hammac 2001
Track Name: Pride of Lions

I never stop to wondering how I ever made it out alive
This flock I’ve settled in by now has become my pride of lions

Another day, another dime, and a job I can live without
It seems I never follow my dreams when all I’m worried about
Is the bills, and the simple act of just staying alive
And it’s a crime I fully bought into

I’m like a blind man, carrying on this way
I was about to give all I’ve ever owned away
I am your shame, I am your load to bear I am your shame in this game
It’s a dream I promise to give all of myself to fulfill
Just like everything else it always seems up hill
We wish it weren’t, but it is
I wish I had the strength to make good, on my promises


Not enough gas to get me there
Not enough backbone to bear
This weight, such a long, long way
Such a long, long way from home
(2 measures)


I never stop to wondering how I ever made it out alive
This flock I’ve settled in by now has become my pride of lions

WRITTEN BY: Chad Elliott 2005
Track Name: Shape I'm In
Will my life forever be, an endless riddle I cannot see
And so I look out towards the sea, to find the shape I want to be…
But the tide keeps rollin in, shifting shapless, it breaks and bends…
And all I can see… is the Shape I’m In.

Not to say that it is bad, in your life troubles had
But tonight, I am on my back, seeing only what I lack
Sometimes this is how we grow, learning more than we know…
So with this tide… I will flow.

If I walked along your shore, would see whats in store,
Or maybe I will knock on your door, then I’ll wonder, never more…
What it is, thats in your heart, I’m so scared to fall apart…
Maybe thats why… its where I’ll start.

I watch the sea go up and down, and like my life there is the sound
A roaring crash, the waves will drown, against the sand my body pounds…
But like the tide, I will rise, with the hunger in my eyes…
And once again… live my life.

And like the tide, I will rise, with the hunger in my eyes…
And once again… live my life…

Written: Micah Hammac 12/01/2002